After three albums with jazzy compositions, Bollente (in 2004), Sssschh (2009) andSenso Contrario (2011) the Italian singer Kicca interprets a new repertoire with touches of soul and pop on this new record.

Still sung in English with some tracks in French and her mother tong language (Italian), the lyrics and compositions of Kicca and Oscar Marchioni have been co-produced with Gabin Lesieur – known for his work on Ben l’Oncle Soul’s first album for which he added a special groove and a funky side to the songs.

But Kicca is also quite a phenoma on stage! In live, she has rocked the French scene with intense shows – both groovy and explosive. The uncommon and expressive voice of Kicca, her electrical presence have led her to create an exceptionnal bond with the audience. With this new repertoire, full of energy and intimate at the same time, Kicca gives an absorbing show…

BIOGRAPHY  ———————————————————————————————–

It was in Italy, in the beautiful city of Vicenza, that Kicca let out her first cry. She began singing at the early age of 6, entered a choir and music became a part of her life eversince. She began developping her own style inspired by many artists like Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nancy Wilson, Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger, among others.

Aged 15, she sang Rhythm’n’Blues and Soul Music with local bands. Year 2004 was a turning point in her career as she met the impetuous keyboard player Oscar Marchioni who is a great composer fascinated by vintage tunes. Together they launched the « Kicca & Intrigo » band. At that time the duo was accompanied by Salah Khaili (on drums) and the eclectic musician Hervé Samb (guitar). It composed original songs recalling the 60’s, with touches of jazz and soul music immersing the audience into light and dizzy moods. After a first album Bollente (released in 2004), and Sssschh (2009) was released in 2011 Senso Contrario (Label Cristal Records) with chiselled tunes – the album was well acclaimed by the medias and was a great thrill for the audience!

Kicca is also a great performance on stage. In Live, they have rocked the French musical scene with intense shows, groovy and quite explosive! Her uncommon voice, her warm and magnetic presence on stage, her natural bond with the audience and her musicians have led to a show full of dynamics!

For her second album released by Cristal Records, Kicca has asserted herself more than ever with a new artistic path full of musical collaborations.. Including Gabin Lesieur who previously worked on Ben l’Oncle Soul’s album.

Therefor Kicca’s range of colors has widened by offering us a picturesque atmosphere, slightly psychedelic with touches of rock’n’roll, closer to her caracter. Louise Brooks gives way to an Emma Peel of a contemporary era ; her voice tone recalls Amy Winehouse’s voice but with the warmth of Aretha Franklin’s..